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JSC ‘Penza Industrial Corporation “Electropribor”’ offers the following services:

Изготовление печатных плат

Manufacture of printed circuit boards

The enterprise produces double-sided printed-circuit boards (PCB) by combined positive method and multilayer printed-circuit boards (MPCB) by method of metallization of through holes. See the price list
Автоматический монтаж печатных плат

Automated assembly of printed circuit boards

Automatic line of surface mounting components installation with a capacity of up to 50000 components per hour mounted on a printed circuit board up to 500x400 mm.
Фрезерные работы на заказ

Milling of parts

Milling of parts to order.

Turning of parts

Turning work to manufacture and process parts to order.

Manufacture of machining attachments

The toolroom offers services of machining attachments manufacturing.

Parts manufacture to order

Machine-assembly department offers services of parts manufacture.
Лазерная резка металла

Laser metal cutting

We provide third parties with services of laser cutting of sheet metal on BySprint Fiber 3015 machine.
Механосборочные работы на заказ

Mechanical assembly work to order

Mechanical-assembly department performs works on manufacturing of parts from sheet metal, flexible parts from sheet metal, pressure die casting of parts from an aluminium alloy, production of hardware, processing of milled parts of ferrous and nonferrous metals and plastics.
Гальванопокрытие на современной автоматической линии


In the electroplating shop, they coat parts made of steel, copper and their alloys, as well as aluminum and its alloys, providing more than 30 types of coatings in all. Coating processes are performed both on automatic galvanic and stationary lines.
Изготовление фильтрующих элементов

Filter elements production

Our services include manufacture of interference single filters; filter banks made in various design versions (plates, cases, cable boxes, etc.); interference-suppression connectors based on various types of plugs: RRS, SNC, ONC, RNDT, RGS, OV, and others.
Проведение испытаний

Carrying out of tests

The testing laboratory carry out mechanical and climatic effect tests.
Поверка средств измерений

Verification and repair of measuring instruments

The Chief metrologist’s department renders services on verification of measuring instruments.
Ремонт средств измерений

Repair of measuring instruments

The Chief metrologist’s department repairs measuring instruments of various levels of complexity with verification and guarantee.