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Carrying out of tests

The testing laboratory of JSC “PIC “Electropribor” (Certification licence No. 704 dated 03.06.2014, issued by the branch of the Federal State Budget-Funded Institution “46 Central research institute” of the Ministry of Defense of Russia) is equipped with testing facilities (more than 50 units), which allows mechanical and climatic effect testing, as well as the required equipment and measuring instruments to check tested products. The laboratory staff possessing the necessary professional training, qualification and experience, is certified for the right to carry out tests, fixed in the Field of certification of the testing laboratory.

List of test types carried out by the testing laboratory

Types of external factors effect testingRange of characteristics of affecting factors reflected by test equipment
High ambient temperature testtemperature up to 125 °C above zero
Low ambient temperature testtemperature down to 70 °C below zero
High humidity testtemperature up to 55 °C above zero at a humidity of up to 97 (±3)%
Low humidity testtemperature up to 35 °C above zero at a humidity of up to 15 (±3)%
Temperature change test (thermal cycling)temperature 70 °C below zero to 125 °C above zero
Testing for atmospheric low pressure effectpressure up to 5 mm Hg (0.665 kPa) at normal conditions     pressure up to 50 mm Hg (6.65 kPa) at temperature from 60 °C below zero to 50 °C above zero
High air pressure effect testpressure up to 3 000 mm Hg (400 kPa)
Testing for atmospheric condensed precipitation effect (frost and dew) 
Sand and dust effect testairflow rate: up to 15m/s; temperature: up to 50°C above zero
Tightness test 
Waterproofing Test 
Testing for exposure to atmospheric precipitation (rain) 
Critical frequency (resonance) testfrequency range: from 5 to 2600 Hz; acceleration up to 1200 m/s2; amplitude: up to 51 mm
Testing for stability and durability under the effect of sinusoidal and broadband vibrationfrequency range: from 5 to 2600 Hz; acceleration: up to 1200 m/s2; amplitude: up to 51 mm
Testing for stability and durability under the effect of mechanical shocks of single and repeated actionacceleration: up to 4900 m/s2
Testing for mechanical factors in transportation conditionsacceleration: up to 4900 m/s2
Drop strength test 
Stability test under the effect of rocking and long tilts 
Measurement of radio interference intensityfrequency range: from 0.01 to 100 MHz
Measurement of radio interference field strengthfrequency range: from 0.01 to 1000 MHz
Check of the protection degree provided by the enclosures (IP code) 
Electrical control 

When applying to the testing laboratory, in addition to the types of tests and characteristics of influencing factors, it is necessary to specify weight and dimensions of tested products, as well as need to use mechanical equipment for fixing the products during the tests on the impact of mechanical factors.

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