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Parts manufacture to order

Machine-assembly department offers services of parts manufacture as follows:

  • aluminum alloy body parts with dimensions up to 900 x 500 x 600 mm produced on high-speed CNC milling centers made by "HAAS" company (USA) with the accuracy of processing up to 0.01 mm and surface cleanliness up to 3.2 microns;
  • using longitudinal turning CNC lathes produced by “HANWHA" (South Korea Ave.) equipped with a counter spindle for external turning, boring, axial and off-axis drilling, thread-cutting with taps and cutters, spline milling, flattening, etc. with interception of the part, which allows a complete machining of parts made of bar materials (structural and stainless steel, non-ferrous metals) up to 3 meters long and bar diameter from 3 to 32 mm;
  • using horizontal CNC turret lathes "GOODWAY", which allow full machining of parts without tool reinstallation or with interception (maximum turning diameter: 430 mm, maximum turning length: 330 mm, maximum bar diameter: 45 mm);
  • manufacture of small parts on a CNC lathe "ESCOMATIC D5 ULTRA", where the processing material is wire with a diameter from 0.8 to 4 mm, fed from the coil and corrected in the preparatory unit of the machine (maximum tool head speed: 12 000 rpm);
  • compression of parts made of thermoplastics and rubber, including reinforced parts, by direct and injection moulding methods, on hydraulic presses with nominal force of up to 100 tnf;
  • casting of parts made of thermoplastic materials, including glass-filled ones, on horizontal injection molding machines with nominal injection volume from 63 cm3 to 700 cm3 and mold clamping force from 50 tnf to 275 tnf;
  • casting of details under pressure from aluminium alloys on domestic and import machines, models 71107, 71109, GLPO-160/25, PWC-500 produced by "Pumory", DC-280 and DC-400 produced by "Sanji" company with clamping force of up to 500 tnf;
  • precision cutting of sheet metals from 0.8 mm thick (ordinary steel - up to 12 mm, aluminum - up to 14 mm, stainless steel - up to 8 mm), hydraulic guillotine shears with CNC produced by "AMADA" (Japan) with a maximum cutting length - 3050 mm
  • production of blanks from large plates (up to 2500 mm) by the method of transverse cutting on the vertical semi-automatic band saw "Everising V-0415SA" with a high cutting accuracy;
  • sawing under 90° of blanks of continuous section (rolling, forgings, profile blanks) up to 460 mm from various kinds of metals on automatic band sawing machine of two-column type "Everising H-460NANC";
  • using a coordinate turret press with CNC produced by "AMADA" (Japan), which performs operations of punching, forming, drawing, flanging, stippling, etc. from sheet metal with a maximum sheet size of 1250 x 2500 mm and thickness up to 6 mm, with the accuracy of punching of ±0.1 mm and speed up to 370 BPM;
  • using a CNC press brake of HFE series manufactured by "AMADA" (Japan), allowing to produce complex parts from sheet material up to 2500 mm long with an accuracy of ±0.1 mm and a bending speed of 10 mm/s at a nominal force of 80 kN;
  • milling, drilling of holes, inscriptions and symbols on aluminum parts by mechanical engraving by the engraving and milling machine with CNC produced by "Datron" with a working area of 1000 x 700 x 150 mm, which provides a high degree of work accuracy
  • nesting of sheet material (cutting of apertures and various contours of details) at "BySprint Fiber 3015" laser cutting machine produced by "Bystronic" (Switzerland) with an optical fiber resonator of 2.0 kw. Nitrogen and oxygen are used as cutting gas. This machine provides fast and qualitative cutting of sheet materials. The maximum dimensions of sheet: 1500 х 3000 mm. It allows to process sheet materials of 0.5 mm thick (stainless steel: up to 6 mm, galvanized steel: up to 3 mm, ordinary steel: up to 12 mm, aluminum: up to 8 mm, brass: up to 4 mm, copper: up to 3 mm). The BySprint Fiber 3015 machine can perform laser marking on the surface of the parts to be cut.
  • surface and edge treatment of ferrous sheet metal parts after various types of cutting (guillotine shears, coordinate punching, punching, laser cutting, etc.) at the "LISSMAC STEELMASTER SMD134/RRB" grinding machine;
  • straightening of bar materials at "EASTAR CK-100" straightening machine and grinding of the outer surface of bar materials on "EASTAR RC-18" grinding complex.

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