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Manufacture of turned parts, metal turning to order

We have a large range of CNC Swiss lathes (Hanwha company) of several types (19 machines), which allows us to perform to order full machining of turned parts from bar stocks with round and hexagonal section from 4 to 32 mm in diameter. All automatic machines have two spindles, which makes it possible to finally process the part without repositioning it. Powerful tooling system, providing installation of up to 30 tools of different types, allows to perform a variety of operations, such as:

  • turning of end, cylindrical, conical, spherical, profiled surfaces with 1 mm in the minimum diameter;
  • drilling and boring of holes, as well as thread cutting at the end of the part, both along the axis and off the axis line of the part;
  • turning of external and internal grooves of various profiles;
  • cutting of male and female threads of different profiles (tolerance class: from M3 - for male metric threads and from M2 - for female metric threads);
  • drilling holes and tapping female thread across the part axis (tolerance class: up to M6 for metric thread);
  • corrugations rolling of various types;
  • milling of flats, grooves, ledges, contours on the radial side of the workpiece at various fixed angles of rotation of the workpiece around its axis;
  • contour milling of the workpiece end;
  • contour milling on cylindrical surfaces of the workpiece with rotation around the axis (cylindrical interpolation);
  • spline milling at the workpiece end and sides

Depending on the type of automatic machine, parts up to 300 mm long can be manufactured to order, with dimensional accuracy up to the 9th tolerance grade and surface roughness up to Ra 1.25 µm. High-quality imported tools are used for machining.

To ensure the straightness of round bars, the straightening machine is used, which allows to execute orders for straightening of workpieces up to 3 meters long, from 4 to 25 mm in diameter and accuracy of up to 0.5 mm per 1 m of length.

For the machining of large-diameter piece and bar workpieces, there are 6 CNC turret lathes (made by GoodWay company) equipped with 12-position turrets and automatic bar feeders. All machines have fully driven turret heads, all machines have counter spindle, and some machines have an additional transverse Y-axis, which allows performing of the same operations as the machines of longitudinal turning, on piece workpieces up to 300 mm in diameter and up to 500 mm long and bar workpieces up to 50 mm in length. High rigidity, accuracy and speed of machine tools, modern CNC system, availability of automatic tool binders, and use of high-quality imported tools provide fast and high-quality manufacturing of parts of various types from carbon, stainless and heat-resistant steels and non-ferrous metals.

For mass production to order of precision lathe parts with less than 4 mm in diameter, we have a specialized Swiss lathe Escomatic. Feature of this machine is that a coil of wire is used as a blank. This makes it possible to significantly reduce material costs in small parts manufacture. The machine has a very high productivity and has a large set of tools, which provides, in addition to turning operations, drilling, threading and milling operations both along and across the part axis.

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