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Manufacture of printed circuit boards

Contract manufacturing of JSC «Penza Industrial Corporation «Electropribor» produces double-sided printed-circuit boards (PCB) by combined positive method and multilayer printed-circuit boards (MPCB) by method of metallization of through holes.

  • maximum workpiece size is 400 × 500 mm;
  • maximum number of multilayer printed-circuit boards layers - 20;
  • minimum conductor width - 0.07 mm;
  • guarantee belt - 0.025 mm;
  • minimum diameter of a metallized hole - 0.2 mm;
  • ratio of the hole diameter/thickness of the board is 1:10.

The quality of products is ensured by the use of high-tech equipment, carefully selected and integrated into a single technological chain, as well as repeated technical control on specialized equipment, periodic reliability tests (twice per year):

  • production of photomasks on a high-precision laser photoplotter "First EIE" (Switzerland)  (pic. 1), with a line of development "Multi Line" (Holland);
  • "Lenz" drilling machines  (pic. 2) and "Schmoll" milling machines (pic. 3) (Germany);
  • "Hoellmueller Maschinenbau GmbH" stripping machine (Germany) for printed circuit boards;
  • "Pill" installation (Germany) for permanganate treatment of holes in multilayer printed-circuit boards;
  • "Targomat ІІІ" installation (Switzerland) for drilling of technological apertures in layers and in multilayer printed-circuit boards;
  • "OLEC" installation (USA) for multilayer printed-circuit boards layer exposure  (pic. 4);
  • installation for etching printed circuit boards and layers produced by “Depeltronic” company (Spain) with regeneration by “Elochem” company (Germany)  (pic. 5)
  • Installation for development by “Depeltronic” (Spain); (pic. 6)
  • installation for hot tinning by "Laif Engineering" (Germany);
  • "Wise" installation (Italy) for printed circuit boards cleaning;
  • "Pill" installation (Germany) for metal resist removal  (pic. 7);
  • "Seica" installation (Italy) for electrical continuity test of printed circuit boards  (pic. 8);
  • "ATMA" installation (Taiwan) for liquid mask application  (pic. 9);
  • "Thiem" installation (Germany) to mark signals on a printed circuit board surface  (pic. 9).

Domestic and import materials used to manufacture printed circuit boards include: unilateral and bilateral glass textolite FR-4 0.1; 0.15; 0.2; 0.23; 0.25; 0.51; 1; 1.5 mm thick with copper foil of 18 and 35 microns thick produced by "Isola" (Germany);

  • glass textolite STF (foiled) meeting the requirements of the engineering specification 16-503. 161-83 for double-sided printed-circuit boards;
  • prepreg 1080 AT 01 produced by "Isola" (Germany);
  • DYNAMASK KM dry film protective photoresist produced by "Schipley" (USA);
  • TAIYO PRS-4000 H855/CA - 40 H 855 (Taiwan) liquid photosensitive thermosetting protective solder mask;
  • Riston photoresist produced by "DuPont" (Germany);
  • chemicals produced by “Shipley” (England), “MacDermid” (USA), etc.

The printed-circuit boards department provides in full the enterprise with the given production and has possibility to take orders of third-parties.

Production capacity of the printed-circuit boards department is up to 500 sq.m. per month.

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