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Milling of parts, milling to order

Our company has more than 25 modern CNC milling machining centers, which allow us to perform to order 3-axis and 4-axis machining of parts of any complexity from billets of non-ferrous and ferrous metal up to 1000 mm long, up to 500 mm wide and up to 400 mm high.

High precision machine tools and a modern CNC system ensure the machining of planes, ledges, grooves, pockets and contours of the most complex shapes with an accuracy of up to the 8th tolerance grade and a surface roughness Ra of up to 1.25 microns, as well as drilling and boring of holes and cutting of male and female threads. To produce to order flat thin parts of the "cover" type, we have four vacuum clamping systems for workpieces, which allow us to fix parts with overall dimensions of up to 500 x 400 mm. We use a rotary table (4th axis) controlled by the CNC system for parts that should be turned while being processed.

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