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JSC «PIC «Electropribor»

The Joint Stock Company «Penza Industrial Corporation «Electropribor» is one of Russia's leading manufacturers and suppliers of telecommunication and special-purpose communication equipment used at stationary and mobile control points for various purposes, to provide reliable cryptographic protection of confidential voice, documentary, and graphic information.

Now the serial products provided by the enterprise include:

  • complexes of cryptographic protection facilities, data reliability strengthening, data transmission/reception and distribution;
  • equipment for speech, documentary (PC), and facsimile information cryptographic protection;
  • switching equipment;
  • signal conversion devices for digital information transmission;
  • modems and multiplexers for data transmission via voice frequency channels and the main digital channel.

The equipment manufactured by the company belongs to hardware-software technical means and therefore firm skills in operating it in a competent way, timely maintenance and repair are required of maintenance personnel..

Training of Customer's specialists

In order to train the Customer's specialists in operating rules, maintenance and repair, the company offers the following services:

  • To train the Customer's specialists in operating rules and maintenance both in the Customer's and the Supplier's territory.
  • To supply with the necessary quantity of spare part sets and spare parts in bulk according to the standard spare parts list for each type of supplied products.
  • To supply the Customer with required test-and-control equipment and engineering units to carry out reconditioning repair and to assist with the setting up of repair shops and specialists’ training.
  • To design, manufacture and supply the Customer with a specialized equipment set for maintenance service.