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About corporation


acting CEO of JSC «Production Association «Elektropribor» Troshin Aleksej Alekseevich

acting CEO of JSC «Production Association «Elektropribor» Troshin Aleksej Alekseevich

Open joint-stock company «Penza Industrial Corporation «Elektropribor» is one of leading enterprises of Russia of manufacturing and delivery of means of telecommunication and communication of special purpose which provide reliable cryptographic protection of the confidential speech, documentary, graphic information and are applied on stationary and mobile (on wheel and caterpillar base, by helicopters, planes, space vehicles, on surface and underwater objects of sea basing) items of management of various purpose.

Federal State Unitary Enterprises «Penza Industrial Corporation «Elektropribor» сarry out and delivers:

  • Complexes of means of cryptographic protection, increasing of reliability, transmission / reception and distribution of the data;
  • The equipment of cryptographic protection speech, documentary (from computer) and the facsimile information;
  • The switching equipment;
  • Devices of transformation of signals for transfer of the digital information;
  • Modems and multiplexers for transfer of the information on tonal-frequency channels and the basic digital channel.

The equipment made by the factory refers to hardware-software hardware components and demands from the operation personnel of solid skills on its competent maintenance, conducting of duly maintenance and repair.

With the purpose of instruction of specialists of the Customer to service regulations, maintenance and repair the factory has opportunities:

  • To lead instruction to service regulations and maintenance of specialists of the customer both in territory of the Customer, and in territory of the Supplier;
  • To put necessary quantity of group complete sets spare parts, and also repair parts a stream gravel according to the typical list of repair parts on each type of delivered hardware products;
  • To put to the Customer test and the process equipment necessary for conducting of regenerative repair, and to assist in rolling out of back shops and instruction of specialists;
  • To develop, make and put to the Customer specialized equipment truck of maintenance.

The enterprise has licenses necessary for the industrial activity.