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The “US-OCK” device


The “US-OCK” device

Is intended for coupling the equipment operating on a phisical link on C1-Fl interface with the basic rate digital channel according to the МСЭ-Т, G.703 recommendation.


  • transmission (reception) of information from phisical line in four-wire mode at the rates 56; 48;32;16; 9,6 kbps and in two-wire mode at the rates 32; 16; 9,6 kbps;
  • unerring operation at signal damping on reception with the C1-FL interface not more than 10; 40 dB on frequency equal to the rate of information transmission without predistortions and with predistortions accordingly;
  • coupling with a phisical line by bipulse signal with ability of predistortions entry on transmission for communication distance increase.

The device can be moved off from PCM line at the length up to 5001 meters at cable damping up to 3 dB on 32 kHz frequency for counter directed interface and up to 3 dB on 128 kHz frequency for codirected interface.

The device can work as repeater and alsop for coupling different types of ATTX.

The transmission (reception) from ”OCK” at the rate 64 kbps, value of input and output resistance of 120 Ohm ± 20 Ohm, peak value 1V ± 0,2 V. The power, consumed by the device from a direct current supply does not exceed 3 W.

Weight of the device no more than 2 kg.

Overall dimension 215х55х290 mm.