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The «T-237E» equipment for cryptographic data protection


The «T-237E» equipment for cryptographic data protection

The «T-237E» equipment is intended for cryptographic protection, protection from imitation, noise proof transmission (reception) of the data, their distribution between communication channels and automated workstations.

The product provides:

  • Full processes automation of reception, processing and a message distribution of four categories of urgency in simplex, duplex, half-duplex modes;
  • Dynamic adaptation of the routing -address information under the variations which were having place in topology of connectivity of subscribers;
  • An automatic route selection of the message delivering to the addressee;
  • Guaranteed cryptographic protection;
  • Protection against duplicating packets in a network and imposing before transferred;
  • Mode of sequenced (with the analysis of the channel occupation) or without the analysis of the channel occupation data-transmission in the radio and the wire transmission networks.

The basic characteristics

Transmitted information types Data
Number of the serviced channels 2 or 4
Types of the interfaces with the channel forming equipment Sl-TCH-1,2 kbps
S1-FL-BI - 1,2; 2,4; 4,8; 9,6; 16; 32; 48; 64 kbps
S1-FL-BI for work with radio stations – 1,2; 2,4; 4,8; 9,6; 16; 32; 48 kbps
S1-TG with symmetry four-cable scheme of including – 50; 75; 100; 150; 200; 300; 500 bit/s
S1-TG with asymmetry four-cable scheme of including - 50; 75; 100; 150; 200; 300; 500; 1200; 2400; 4800; 9600; 16000; 32000 bit/s
S1-I-PC – 16, 32 kbps
Types of the interfaces with OOD multiplex (basic and reserved)
Key information medium Perforated tape
Key input devices UVK-F-240-in clear mode
Power consumption Not more 0,7A for two- channels and 1,1A for four-channels
Range of working temperatures From a minus 40 оС up to plus 50 оС

The assignments of the composite devices of the product:

UVK-F-240 - a key information input device from a perforated tape in "T-237E."

GAO11 switch box - is intended for the organization of the multipoint wire transmission network (about 10 two-wire communication lines are connected). For magnifying of the number of subscribers up to 20, two boxes are in bridge connected. Thus mutual distance of subscribers of a network is supposed at transmission rate 16 Kbps up to 5 km, and at rate 1,2 Kbps up to 10 km.

Kit SFA-S – for neuter and big repair the equipment.

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