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The switchboard of users communication Kashtan


The switchboard of user's communication «Kashtan»

Switchboard "Kashtan" is intended for maintenance of semi-automatic connection of subscribers of a radiomobile communication network, of subscribers of specialized АТTX, automatic telephone exchange PSTN and of subscribers of telephone sets with a feed from the central battery (TS CB).

The workplace of the operator is realized on base of PC and provides management of all operating modes of the switchboard with the help of the modern user interface. For protection against the non-authorized access in PC WPO electronic lock "Sable - PCI" is established.

The switchboard is delivered in the following basic configurations:

  • The first - 10 radio channels, 8 lines TS CB, 8 lines of automatic telephone exchange PSTN and 4 lines of specialized АTТX, one WPO;
  • The second - 18 lines TS CB and 12 channels of specialized АTТX, one WPO (analogue P-209М);
  • The third - 10 lines TS CB, 12 lines of automatic telephone exchange PSTN and 8 lines of specialized АTТX, two WPO.

Delivery of the switchboard in other configuration, under the contract with the customer is possible, but the quantity of channels of one type should be multiple to two.

The switchboard provides:

  • Simultaneous communication up to fifteen pairs of subscribers;
  • The visual control of presence of negotiations between subscribers (at change of a level of a signal on screen WPO);
  • Simultaneous reception and consecutive signaling of a call on all involved channels;
  • Remote control of radio stations such as "Volna" with the help of frequency of parcels;
  • The control of presence of radio signals in air with the help of control radio stations such as "Bereg" for each radio channel;
  • signals "marker" or "special marker" dispatch in ether for an automatic choice of free radio channel user's radio stations;
  • Automatic inclusion in a radio path of the equipment of cryptographic protection at reception of a call signal with an attribute "closed";
  • Inclusion of the alarm system at receipt of a signal "Failure" from radio station;
  • Transfer of the information between two of specialized АTТX in a mode "Transit";
  • Function of automatic definition of number on channels PSTN;
  • impulse and frequency of set of number;
  • Automatic registration of magazine of hardware and magazine of failures.