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«K – 205» multiplexer


«K–205» multiplexer

Is intended for integration up to six digital information flows in one group flow and its transmission through a basic rate digital channel (OCK) according to ITU-T G.703.


  • sumultaneous reception/transmission through six channels of switching equipment interaction signals;
  • organization of local and remote loops both on group and digital channels;
  • integration up to six asynchronous flows of bi-pulse information into a group signal; transmission and reception of a group signal; recovery of initial information flows and auxiliary communication on the separate channel and on any subscriber channel;
  • updating parameters of the four-wire phisical line and transmission through it a group signal at the rate 48 and 56 kbps with 40 dB damping at the frequency equal to the transmission rate.

Basic specifications

Transmission rate in the group channel 48; 56; 64 kbps
Transmission rate of the data terminal equipment (DTE) 2,4; 4,8; 9,6; 16; 32; 48 kbs
Group channel interface C1-FL; ОCК on G.703 ITU-T
Interface with DTE C1-FL

Power supply of the device is provided from DC network with voltage from 21,6 up to 72V with any grounded pole.

Power consumption 10 W.

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