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The «E-11C» automatic encryption equipment of phone and digital information


The “E-11C” automatic encryption equipment of phone and digital information

The unified “E-11С” equipment for cryptographic protection of voice and data is intended for voice encryption that is transmitted in simplex, half duplex, duplex modes at the rates 1200, 2400, 16000 bps and data encryption in the duplex mode at the rates 1200, 2400 bps.

The product provides:

  • One channel operation over simplex, half duplex, duplex channels at the rates 1200, 2400, 16000 bps;
  • Transmission(reception) of the information on digital liaison channels, of channels of tonal frequency, of channels of a satellite communication, of VHF and HF radio channels, of physical communication lines;
  • Eight cipher key input with correction check and their storage while the keys are active;
  • Transmission (reception) of the documentary information from computer;
  • Maintaining of clock synchronization when reduction of communication channel reliability up to 5·10-2;
  • Light indication of operational modes and condition of a hardware;
  • Teamwork with equipment "E-11Н".

The basic characteristics

Operational mode Single-channel simplex, half-duplex, duplex
Transfer rate 1200, 2400, 16000 bps
Communication channel type Channels of tonal frequency; diqital channels; VHF,HV radio channels; channels of a satellite communication.
Method of transformation of the speech information Linear prediction, vocoder, delta-codec
Key diversity 1077
Key information medium Perforated tape
Power supply Direct current network 27 V
current network 110/115/220 V
Power consumption At a feed by a voltage 27 V no more 40 Watt
At a feed by a voltage 220 V no more 200 Watt

The assignment of the composite devices of the product

«СA268E» apparatus

The basic set provides:

  • three voice coding modes;
    • «VOCODER» mode which is used while interoperability with «E-9У» or with the same type;
    • «LINEAR PREDCTION» mode which is used while interoperability with «E-9У», «E-11Н» or with the same type;
    • «DELTA-CODEC» mode which is used while interoperability with the same type;
  • data and voice cryptographic protection;
  • connection with DCE with С1-FL-BI interface, exchange of the speech information for speeds 1200, 2400 and 16000 bits per second, the documentary information - for the speed of 1200 and 2400 bits per second.

«СA249E-1» apparatus is intended for connection with VHF radios and PSTN channels in simplex/half duplex/ duplex modes at 1200/2400 bits per second;

«СA266E» apparatus is intended for connection with HF radio stations in a simplex mode at 1200 bits per second;

«AT-3132Е» – for connection «СA268E» apparatus to the devices having joint RS 232;

«РA-005ИЕ» block - the device for connection of the remote device or the switchboard;

«ВA264E» block is power supply from direct current networks;

«MTT-УК-1» handset together with ear-phones. An ear-phones is used for improvement of signal audibility at heightened outer noise.

Mounting parts set for connecting devices of the product in a work scheme.

The complete set of assembly parts - for connection of parts of the equipment in the working circuit.

The complete set of accessories in structure:

  • Block «УА158-3E» - the device of input of the key information from a perforated tape;
  • Block «ПA627» is for switching the «СA268E» to an entry of equipment of internal communication of a mobile object via a «СA249E-1» apparatus, «СA266E» or without them;
  • Block «ВA292» - for connection of the equipment to an onboard network of 27 V.

The complete set of the operational documentation.

The complete set «SPARE PARTS - 0Е» - for elimination of the elementary malfunctions in the equipment.

Overall dimensions and weight of the basic components of a product

Apparatus The sizes, mm, no more Weight, kg
Width Depth Height
«СA268E» apparatus 160 336 82 4,0
«СA249E-1» apparatus 150 257 45 1,4
«СA266E» apparatus 160 285 65 2,85
«AT-3132Е» apparatus 234 325 63 3,5
«РA-005ИЕ» block 156 336 82 6,6
«ВA264E» block 150 237 42 2,3
«УА158-3E» block 105 84 77,5 0,8
«MTT-УК-1» handset 55 201 61 0,35
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